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Judge Cannon Delivered Trump A Major Victory


In a new decision, the federal judge brought on to the bench by Donald Trump has sided with the former president in a case regarding classified documents seized from his Florida home.

In the latest round of the battle over secret documents seized from Mar-a-Lago, Judge Aileen Cannon rejected a demand from Raymond Dearie, the special master she apportioned at Trump's request, on Thursday.

Trump's legal team does not have to respond by October 7th to Dearie if they believe the list of items the FBI say they removed from Mar-a-Lago is inaccurate, as per Cannon's ruling.

Trump's lawyers will not have to appear in court or explain why he believes the FBI may have "planted" evidence against him during his August raid.

The former president will not be required to specify which of the documents he claims to have declassified before leaving the White House, an assertion that he and his team has made on several occasions.

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