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Kanye continues his media run on ‘Drink Champs’ and discuss the “White Lives Matter” shirt (VIDEO)

Kanye West, also known as Ye, continued to make his media rounds. This time it was on the Revolt's podcast 'Drink Champs' starring former rapper Noreaga.

Ye talked about everything from Fentanyl, the death of George Floyd, his “white lives matter,” Kim Kardashian, Trump and the Jewish media.

West spoke of himself trying to get the “White Lives Matter” t-shirts mass made from the former owner of American Apparel, who happens to be Jewish. The rapper revealed once he tweeted the infamous “death con 3” tweet, the owner refused to produce the shirts and offered to take him to the Holocaust museum, that's when he said “visit Planned Parenthood, that's our Holocaust Museum.”

Speaking on Trump, Kanye declared he had enough connection to be the President, but he didn't have the Jewish media on his side.

“Cause the Jewish media was already aligned with the left, with the Chinese”

He continued to speak on the Jewish Zionists and how they get Kim Kardashian to do specific things or promote certain agendas. Kanye had a message for them," The Devil is a defeated foe. You can't poison me.”

Drink Champs recently posted the episode, then YouTube ended up taking the video down, stay tuned on where to watch it.

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