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Kanye West files trademarks to build ‘Yecosystem’ his own mini-community that plans to go nationwide

In the middle all the controversy, two Yeezy sources have confirmed to Rolling Stone that West has been planning his own small “universe” for years.

The “Yecosystem” as he would call it, would be a self-sufficient enterprise, with its homes and stores that sell branded food and drinks. According to one source, the plan is serious and there are arrangements to launch the first campus next month.

The unnamed source also claims, West eventually plans to nationwide establish these type of mini-communities.

“He’s trying to do shit that people couldn’t even conceive of, and he’s trying to make it happen,” they explain. “He comes from a good place, It’s definitely his goal that everything that people touch that’s his is a good thing and has a good impact on the world," a source said.

Ye once talked about this idea when he was on CNBC to talk about ending his relationship with Gap. West, during the interview, spoke passionately about building his own empire instead of having to answer to other people's standards. He was clearly disgruntled with experiences of feeling left out of important business decisions and seeing his designs being plagiarized without consequence.

West said his goal was to build his own company, purchase factories, and become independent. He also mentioned that Donda Academy, his new private school, would “focus on bringing the American economy back, starting with our children.” “We are focusing on engineering for our species — what’s the thing we need the most? Food. [We are] engineering food."

After West's recent appearance on CNBC, his company Mascotte Holdings filed several trademark applications that would build the framework of a small community, as stated by Rolling Stone.

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