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Kenya Bans All LGBTQ Content in the Country


Christopher Wambua, acting CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), announced that all movies that contain LGBTQ content are banned from the country and thar Kenya is against LGBTQ+ relationships. "As we rate and classify content, we also consider other applicable laws. If there is any content that normalizes, glorifies same-sex relationships, our position in Kenya has always been to restrict and not to broadcast, exhibit or distribute that kind of content within the borders of the country," said Wambua. He went on to say that even though there are several online platforms that highlight sam-sex content, the government in Kenya is actively trying to block access to it. Wambua says that the KFCB is working with Netflix to make sure that there is no access to LGBTQ+ movies and shows in Kenya. "Most of them are restricting; because of our discussions with Netflix, they are curating their classification system that is very aligned with our laws with the view of ensuring that in future once we sign the agreement, some of this content is not visible at all within the republic," said Wambua.

Kenya isn’t the first country to ban LGBTQ+ content. Earlier in the year Egypt followed suit after six Arab countries called out Netflix and Disney+, to demand that "offensive" content is restricted from their countries, meaning LGBTQ content. Kenyan law strongly prohibits LGBTQ+ relationships and content. Section 165 of its Penal Code discusses the code in detail.

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