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Kremlin Dismisses 'Absurd' Rumors Claiming Putin's Death and Subsequent Use of Body Double

In response to the mounting speculation surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin's health, the Kremlin has categorically denied the rumors, labeling them as 'absurd'. Reports have been circulating suggesting that Putin had passed away and a body double was being used in a new coup.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, dismissed these rumors as an 'absurd information canard', underlining that the president is in good health. Peskov's comments were reported by several media outlets, including Newsbreak, Yahoo News, and Reuters.

Adding fuel to the fire, some sources had even suggested that Putin was suffering from cancer. However, the Kremlin has firmly denied these claims, asserting that it is 'absurd information'.

The rumors appear to have originated from speculation that Putin uses body doubles for security reasons or due to poor health. However, Peskov has denied these claims, indicating that the rumors are part of an 'absurd information hoax' that many media outlets continue to discuss with 'enviable tenacity'.

Despite the widespread rumors and speculation, the Kremlin continues to maintain that Putin is not only alive and well but also continuing his presidential duties without any hindrance.

In the face of these extraordinary allegations and denials, one thing remains clear - the Kremlin stands firm in its denial of the rumors surrounding Putin's health and the alleged use of a body double.

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