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Kyrie Irving shares movie with historical facts; Nets owner and media rushes to call it anti-Semitic

Coming off the heels of a tumultuous two weeks of the media and powerful individuals dictating what and what isn't anti-Semitic rhetoric from former Billionaire Kanye West, now they're on to their next punching bag Kyrie Irving.

On Friday night, Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai denounced guard Kyrie Irving's decision to share what he claimed to be an antisemitic film and book on his social media platforms.

“I'm disappointed that Kyrie appears to support a film based on a book full of anti-Semitic disinformation,” Tsai tweeted. “I want to sit down and make sure he understands this is hurtful to all of us, and as a man of faith, it is wrong to promote hate based on race, ethnicity, or religion.”

Official Twitter link:

First reported by Rolling Stone, Irving went on to promote a movie titled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” which according to many isn't anti-Semitic at all, what the book and the movie are about is uncovering the true identity of black people within the Bible and historical facts.

Friday In a statement by the team “The Brooklyn Nets strongly condemn and have no tolerance for the promotion of any form of hate speech,” the team added “We believe that in these situations, our first action must be open, honest dialogue. We thank those, including the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), who have been supportive during this time.”

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