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Louisiana Rep. Jeremy LaCombe Becomes Third Lawmaker to Leave Democratic Party in a Month

Louisiana State Representative Jeremy LaCombe has announced that he is leaving the Democratic Party and registering as a Republican, becoming the third lawmaker to switch parties within the past month.

LaCombe, who was elected in 2019 to represent District 18, spanning parts of Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge parishes, joins two other state representatives who have left the Democratic Party in recent weeks.

The news comes as Louisiana's Democratic Party continues to lose ground. Six months before the qualifying period for this fall's governor's race, Louisiana Democrats have no announced candidate for any statewide office. This follows Governor John Bel Edwards' final State of the State address where he highlighted some of his career victories.

LaCombe's departure from the Democratic Party is part of a larger trend across the United States. It remains unclear why LaCombe chose to switch parties at this time, but it appears that he is joining a growing list of lawmakers who are leaving their respective parties in search of something new.

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