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M&M’s To Put Their Spokescandies On “Infinite Pause,” Replace Cartoon Mascot With Maya Rudolph

M&M's, the beloved chocolate candy brand, has recently come under fire for their "woke" candies. After receiving backlash from Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, the company announced that they would be putting their spokescandies on an “infinite pause” and replacing them with Maya Rudolph.

The controversy began when M&M's released a special edition bag of candy featuring a lesbian green and brown chocolate as well as a plus-size purple sweet. This sparked outrage among some people who felt that the candies were too "woke" and Carlson declared them "less sexy".

In response to the uproar, M&M's decided to put their spokescandies on an indefinite pause and replace them with Maya Rudolph. The comedian is known for her hilarious characters on Saturday Night Live and will now be taking over as the official spokesperson for M&M's.

This move by M&M's shows that they are willing to listen to feedback from their customers and make changes accordingly. While some may disagree with the decision to stop production of their "woke" candy, it is clear that M&M's is taking steps to ensure that all of their customers feel included and respected.

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