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Macron Calls for International Taxation to Finance Climate Efforts

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a new "international taxation" on top of current taxes in order to finance climate efforts.

In a statement released on Friday, Macron said that the current international taxation system needs to be revamped in order to raise money for tackling climate change. He added that it is essential for all countries to come together and take responsibility for their actions in order to make a real difference.

The French president also noted that this new taxation system should be fair and equitable, taking into account the different economic situations of each country. He argued that those countries with higher incomes should pay more than those with lower incomes, as they have the capacity to do so.

Macron's call comes at a time when most of the citizens of the world sees him as a globalist puppet for the World Economic Forum that uses the calls for "climate change" for one reason only and that's for control.

The French president believes that an international taxation system is necessary in order to fund climate efforts such as reducing emissions and investing in renewable energy sources. He believes that this will help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

It remains unclear how this new taxation system would work or how much money it would generate, but Macron's call is sure to spark debate among world leaders about how best to tackle climate change.

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