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Medical Experts Says Still Too Soon To Say What Caused Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Amidst Speculation

On Monday night, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after making a routine tackle and went into cardiac arrest, with players from both teams and millions of television viewers watching in horror. After receiving CPR on the field, Hamlin was rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was reported to be in critical condition. Devoted fans have been scouring television news and online forums for any clue as to what may have caused this unprecedented incident in the United States' most popular pro sport.

Medical professionals not directly involved in the case have suggested that Hamlin's heart may have stopped due to commotio cordis, a very rare occurrence in which blunt force trauma to the chest can cause an arrhythmia. This type of arrhythmia can affect even young, healthy athletes like Hamlin, who had no previous history of cardiovascular issues. It is estimated that commotio cordis is responsible for up to 15% of sudden cardiac arrests in young people participating in sports activities.

Other medical professionals around the world claim this is the work of the covid mRNA vaccine, which we now know causes myocarditis in young men and have caused many heart problems in individuals and even sudden death in athletes and regular everyday citizens.

The Bills released a statement Wednesday saying that Hamlin had shown "signs of improvement" since arriving at the hospital. He is still being treated for his condition and will remain under close observation before any further updates can be provided. The team also expressed their appreciation for all the support and prayers they have received during this difficult time.

Cardiovascular events such as these are very rare in professional sports, but they serve as an important reminder to all athletes of how quickly such a tragedy can occur. Commotio cordis is often preventable if appropriate steps are taken by athletes or trainers when recognizing concerning symptoms or signs before an event occurs which could lead to sudden cardiac arrest or death.

There has been a major surge in athletes having heart issues and dying on the field since the vaccine was introduced, so there are many questions to be asked.

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