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Most Watchers Loved Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey’s Steamy Sex Scene But The ‘Karen’s’ Had An Issue

Chloë Bailey's intimate scene with Damson Idris in the new Amazon Prime Video show "Swarm" is receiving backlash from fans. Social media users express their dissatisfaction with Bailey's depiction of Marissa Jackson and Damson Idris's character Khalid, who also share an intimate moment. During the scene, Marissa's sister interrupts them, following which Khalid gives her a wink and proceeds to have sex with Marissa.

The racy scene follows Bailey's collaboration with Chris Brown where she recorded a song called "How Does It Feel." One Twitter user expressed their discomfort with the scene, writing, "Something about Chloë Bailey's sex scene makes me so uncomfortable like I don't want to see her in that light."

Another commented, "Where is a Chloe Bailey's mentor, please??? She's been making terrible decisions lately, she should have never done that sex scene in Swarm, and I'm not even gonna go into her most recent collab."

Similarly, someone else said, "The scene between Chloë Bailey and Damson Idris was very unnecessary. I don't like sex scenes that do not add to the story, and I honestly hate how sex is depicted in Hollywood nowadays."

Most people loved the sex scene, they believed it showed her range as an actress and shows her coming out of her comfort zone. Alot of watchers were happily surprised that the sex with black actors went as far, when history shows that sex scenes amongst black Americans are minimal.

The Post approached Bailey's representative for comment.

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