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Movie Review: Legions

Legions is an incredible Argentinian horror/comedy from filmmaker Fabian Forte that delivers both a unique story and plenty of thrills. Antonio Poyju, a sorcerer from a long line of sorcerers, must defend his home country from strange and evil forces when an orange moon appears in the sky. It's up to him to escape the mental health facility he's been trapped in so that he can reunite with his daughter Helena, who has forgotten her sorcery powers. 

This film pays homage to classic horror films such as Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD, featuring similar camera work and demonic presence which create an atmosphere of terror. But it also manages to balance this out with moments of genuine comedy that will make viewers laugh out loud. Without blending the two genres, Legions takes the audience back and forth between fear and laughter while they root for Antonio throughout his journey. 

The protagonist himself is endearing, making it easy to cheer him on against the forces of evil. As he teaches Helena her forgotten sorcery powers, we get to learn more about the Poyju family’s history and its power throughout time which adds another layer of depth to an already engrossing story. 

Overall, Legions offers both horror fans and comedy lovers something special with its unique blend of genres - making it an entertaining thrill ride filled with laughs and scares that won't soon be forgotten, this movie is recommended.

Now on VOD everywhere.

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