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Netflix’s “You People” fails to deliver, with horrible audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix's “You People” is a movie that tries to tackle the difficult issue of interracial relationships in a comedic way, but unfortunately, it falls short. The film stars some of the best in the business in Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Lauren London, and Nia Long. As an unlikely couple, Ezra and Amira finds themselves in a culture clash with their relationships and their relationship with their family. Despite the star power of its two leads in Hill and Murphy, the film fails to deliver on its promise of being an insightful and funny look at race relations.

The first third of the movie is promising, with some clever jokes and good performances from Hill and Murphy. However, as the story progresses, it quickly becomes clear that the filmmakers are trying too hard to make a point about racism without really exploring any of the nuances or complexities of the issue. The jokes become labored and there is little depth to be found in any of the characters or their relationships.

The film also suffers from a lack of focus, jumping between different storylines without ever really developing any of them properly. This makes for an uneven experience that never quite manages to capture your attention or draw you into its world.

Overall, Netflix's “You People” is an ambitious attempt at tackling racism through comedy that ultimately falls flat due to its lack of depth and focus. While there are some good moments throughout, they are not enough to make up for what could have been a much more interesting exploration of this important topic.

As of right now as it stands on Rottentomato, the 'Tomatometer' stands at 45% and the audience score is even worse at 42%. This film isn't worth the time, and unfortunatley we can't recommend it.

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