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New COVID-19 Booster Shots Set for Rollout Next Wednesday Amid Low Uptake of Previous Dose

As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, new booster shots are slated to be released next Wednesday. However, this comes against a backdrop of surprisingly low rates of uptake for the previous booster shot, with only 17% of Americans having received it.

The upcoming COVID-19 booster is expected to be available in the United States as early as next week. This follows an expansion of the two-dose regimen, which saw a disappointingly low number of Americans come forward to get an updated booster.

By May, only 17% of Americans had rolled up their sleeves for the latest round of shots offered. This steep drop from the first shot has raised concerns among health experts about vaccine hesitancy and its potential impact on efforts to control the spread of the virus.

The updated COVID shots from Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax are expected to become available in the third or fourth week of September. The FDA is also expected to grant approval or emergency authorization to all three new COVID-19 vaccines over the next two months.

As cases surge, the rollout of these new boosters offers both promise and challenges in the battle against this respiratory virus. It remains to be seen whether the introduction of these new shots will encourage a higher uptake among the American population.

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