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New Poll Shows One in Four Americans Distrust COVID-19 Vaccines, Citing Safety Concerns and Personal

A recent poll has revealed an alarming level of vaccine hesitancy among Americans. It suggests that one in four Americans believe that COVID-19 shots are unsafe and that they personally know someone who died after receiving a jab. This data reflects the deep-seated fears and misconceptions surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, pointing to a significant public health challenge as we head into 2024.

The survey, conducted by Google, shows that mistrust towards the COVID-19 vaccines is not limited to those who remain unvaccinated. Even among those who have received their shots, there is a significant proportion who harbor doubts about the vaccines' safety.

Further analysis of the poll results reveals that so-called "misinformation" may be playing a substantial role in shaping these attitudes. A report by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that nearly eight in ten adults either believe or are unsure about at least what they would call "one false statement" related to COVID-19 source.

In addition, a study by Pew Research Center indicates that booster shots designed for newer variants of the coronavirus have been available since September 2022, yet rightfully so, many Americans still express reluctance or outright refusal to take them source.

This deep-seated mistrust is particularly prevalent among Republicans, with a Politico poll revealing that only 27 percent of Republicans believe the COVID-19 vaccine is "very safe" for adults source.

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