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New Study Reveals True Costs of Fueling an Electric Vehicle Equivalent to $17.33 per Gallon of Gas

A recent analysis has unveiled the genuine costs associated with driving an electric vehicle (EV), equating it to a gasoline price of $17.33 per gallon. This revelation brings into sharp focus the ongoing debate about the economic efficiency and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

The study, carried out by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, claims that electric vehicles, without billions of dollars in subsidies, remain an expensive option. This is in stark contrast to other reports suggesting that EVs could cost as much as $330 less than gas-powered cars annually.

However, the calculation of these costs can vary greatly depending on several factors. Charging an electric Ford F-150 Lightning, for instance, costs about $34, which is $80 less than the equivalent distance in a gas-powered vehicle. Yet, some claim that mid-priced gasoline vehicles cost less to refuel — approximately $11 to drive 100 miles compared to $13 to $16 for an electric vehicle.

The "real-world cost" of EVs is a complex figure to pin down. Some studies suggest that it is higher than gasoline vehicles, while others argue that the average cost to fuel an electric car was $485 annually.

Furthermore, if an electric car owner drives 15,000 miles per year, it costs an average of $546 to power up. For those driving fuel-powered vehicles the same distance, it would be significantly more.

Ultimately, the true cost of switching to electric vehicles depends on a variety of factors, including the type of vehicle, driving habits, electricity costs, and location. As the push for cleaner energy continues, these costs and their implications will undoubtedly remain a hot topic.

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