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Newly released Kanye video talks about N.O.R.E, media personalities and brings up George Soros

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, addresses the backlash he received after going on an episode of the podcast “Drink Champs” which was later removed from all platforms by Revolt.

Kanye West explains why he made certain comments about George Floyd, saying that he had questions that he “got from the Candace Owens documentary.” Ye said that in the documentary Floyd is heard saying “they want a tall guy like me” and Ye asks “Who is they?” maybe implying that George Floyd was chosen to be a martyr.

He also calls out DJ Alademiks, Rosenberg, and Charlemagne the God. He says that “Jewish Media” and “Black Media” are paying players to promote trauma culture and trauma economy.

Ye even addresses that Drink Champs host N.O.R.E. received from having him on the show “N.O.R.E is a good guy. Back up offa N.O.R.E.” He points out that N.O.R.E simply provided the platform.

Full interview:

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