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“No Voting No Vucking,” Get Out The Vote Music Video Faces Major Backlash From Black-Americans


Black Twitter is up in arms about an insulting song and music video put out by BLK Dating App. BLK Dating App has stooped to an all-time low by having rappers Saucy Santana and Trina create a minstrel show-like music video using sex to get young Black people to vote.

The country is in preparation for National Voter Education Week, so the duo released, “No Voting No Vucking,” their disappointing new collaboration that fails to explain the importance of voting and uses casual sex to encourage people to vote instead of taking the time out to actually educate their audience about politics. BLK Dating App is specifically pointing out low voting rates among block people and using sex to inspire the masses instead of providing any useful civic information.

“Young people are the next generation of voters and represent a major voting block in this country,” BLK said in a press release.

“While Gen-Z turnout increased in 2020, BLK and When We All Vote want to ensure youth continue this momentum by bringing even more young people into the voting process. ‘No Voting No Vucking’ aims to motivate young Black citizens to vote by calling out that exercising your basic civic duty of voting is the biggest turn-on of all.”

The song starts with Santana chanting, “No Voting, No Vucking,” as Trina comes in with rap lines such as “Politics can be so nasty,” and “Don’t stop now, stuff my ballot box again, brought my home girl through, we’ll put the bi in partisan.”

The song received a strong backlash from offended social media users.

One user wrote, “Saucy Santana & Trina makes a track to get black to vote. How come when it's a message that they want to reach black people, it's hyper sexualized”.

Another user said, “Kanye Candice Owens Saucy Santana

& Trina all went out like suckers. And it's just Tuesday.”

A user sarcastically posted,“ people need to vote for the democrats & get nothing in return. Period! & Saucy Santana & Trina telling y'all. Remember when y'all twerked in the streets for police brutality, voted for #Biden & he gave the police more funding?

Yass! This minstrel show”.

Tariq Nasheed, A well known political activist tweeted “You know what family... I'm going to make that Washington DC March happen.. Because this type of low brow pandering is ridiculous”.

Shemeka Michelle, another well known political activist, said “In just my lifetime we went from Fight the Power to this.”

Another angry Twitter user said, “The buffoonery begins. These politicians really have no respect for black people.”

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