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NYC’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams says illegal immigration will “destroy” the city

The migrant crisis has become a pressing issue for New York City, with Mayor Eric Adams warning that it has the potential to "destroy" the city. Despite his pleas for federal assistance, Adams claims that the White House has provided "no support" for the thousands of asylum seekers arriving each month. This article will delve into the various aspects of the migrant crisis in New York City, including the influx of migrants, the strain on resources, and the public sentiment surrounding the issue.

New York City has experienced a staggering influx of migrants over the past year, with more than 110,000 migrants arriving in the city. Mayor Adams has been vocal about the need for federal assistance, but claims that the city has received no support from the White House. Adams expressed his concerns during a town hall meeting on the Upper West Side, stating, "This issue will destroy New York City."

The crisis has been further exacerbated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott's decision to bus illegal border crossers to New York City and other liberal cities. Adams referred to Abbott as a "madman" for implementing this strategy, which has led to an increased strain on resources and services in the city.

Adams criticized President Biden for not stepping in with federal assistance to address the migrant crisis. Despite his repeated pleas for help, the city has received no support from the White House. Adams expressed frustration, stating, "Month after month I stood up and said this is gonna come to a neighborhood near you. Well, we're here, we're getting no support on this national crisis, and we're receiving no support."

The migrant flow into New York City initially consisted primarily of individuals from Venezuela. However, as time went on, Ecuadorian nationals and Russian-speaking individuals began arriving from Mexico. Adams highlighted the changing demographics, stating, "Now we're getting Western Africa, now we're getting people from all over the globe that made their minds up that they're gonna come through the southern border and coming to New York City."

The impact of the migrant crisis on New York City's resources has been immense. Adams emphasized the financial burden, stating, "One hundred ten thousand migrants we have to feed, clothe, house, educate the children, wash their laundry sheets, give them everything they need, health care." The Department of Homeless Services has allocated $35 million to two NYC hotels to house migrants, further adding to the strain on the city's finances.

Moreover, the strain on resources extends beyond financial implications. The city is facing a $12 billion deficit, which will inevitably lead to cuts in various services. Adams warned that every community in the city will be impacted, and all New Yorkers will feel the effects of the crisis.

The concerns raised by Mayor Adams are echoed by a large majority of New Yorkers. According to a recent Sienna College survey, 82% of New Yorkers consider the migrant crisis a serious problem for the city. Furthermore, 58% of respondents expressed a desire to stop the flow of migrants from the southern border.

The sentiment is not limited to the general public. Representative Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, also criticized the Biden administration for its border policies. She attributed the surge in illegal immigration to Biden's "Far Left open border policies" and Governor Kathy Hochul's "Sanctuary State" policies.

Mayor Adams emphasized the urgent need for action to address the migrant crisis. He called on President Biden to secure both the southern and northern borders, and urged Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to pass the House Republicans' Secure the Border Act. Adams argued that this legislation would be the strongest border security bill in history and would put an end to the ongoing crisis.

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