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Parents don't want vaccinated blood to be used in surgery that could save their baby's life

The parents of a four-month-old baby in New Zealand are refusing to allow their child to have life-saving heart surgery unless nonvaccinated blood is used during the operation. The health service has made a court application over the guardianship of the child as a result according to the Guardian.

The parents said their infant has a severe case of pulmonary valve stenosis and needs surgery as soon as possible. However, they're extremely worried about the blood the doctors will use for the operation.

"We don’t want blood that is tainted by vaccination,” the father said. “That’s the end of the deal – we are fine with anything else these doctors want to do.”

The blood service, NZ Blood, has stated that the antibodies present in the blood after a Covid-19 vaccination will only remain for a short time.

On Monday, Te Whatu Ora filed papers in the Auckland High Court under the Care of Children Act. The goal is to change guardianship from his parents so that they can give consent to use donated blood. According to NZ Herald, this story was reported on Monday.

One hundred anti-vaccination supporters stood outside the courthouse on Wednesday as the parties appeared inside to set a date for an urgent hearing.

Mr. White, the lawyer for Te Whatu Ora, stated in court that medical staff has advised that a child treated under normal circumstances would have received care several weeks prior; while the parents' lawyer and well-known anti-vaccination campaigner Sue Grey said the parents desired better treatment than what was being provided by the state.

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