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Philadelphia Chemical Spill in Delaware River Causes Water Contamination Concerns

Residents of Philadelphia were left concerned over the weekend after a chemical spill occurred in Bristol Township, Bucks County on Friday night. The spill released contaminants into the Delaware River, which is a tributary that feeds into Philadelphia's water supply.

The cause of the spill was a pipe burst at Trinseo, a chemical plant in Bucks County. Approximately 8,100 gallons of “water-based acrylic polymer solution” leaked into the river from the plant. This prompted an alert from the Philadelphia Water Department to drink bottled water until further notice.

In response to this alert, many residents stocked up on bottled water and refrained from drinking tap water until further notice. However, after monitoring the situation closely, officials have since rescinded their warning and declared that tap water is safe to drink for now.

Philadelphia officials are continuing to monitor the situation and have advised residents to take precautions when using tap water for activities such as brushing teeth or washing dishes. They are also working with state and federal agencies to investigate how much damage has been done by the chemical spill and what steps can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The incident has raised questions about safety protocols at chemical plants and how they could be improved in order to protect nearby communities from potential contamination of their drinking water sources. Residents are hoping that authorities will take swift action to ensure that their drinking water remains safe in the future.

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