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Police on 911 call says Paul Pelosi referred to the attacker as “friend” who seemed to be “confused”

In the ongoing saga of the Paul Pelosi hammer incident, there's been a lot of strange twists that the mainstream media aren't discussing. They're making David DePape out to be a GOP, Trump-supporting, January 6th, election, and Covid denier when there's more to the story.

Swirling around the internet today were a few main events the media failed to cover. One was the SFPD's police audio for the welfare check call on Paul Pelosi. You can hear the police saying that Paul referred to "David" as a "friend" who seemed to be confused.

Today also there are reports that the FBI went to the Berkeley home of the attacker. According to reports, the neighbors dubbed the house a "hippie collective." Also, there's a picture of the house circulating and in the front yard you can see a gay pride American flag on a tree, a 'Black Lives Matter' sign in the window and a 'Berkeley Stands United Against Hate' sign also in the window.

This doesn't seem like an attack on someone who's a conservative or Republican by the looks of the house and it seems like the two men may have had a deeper connection than what the media is leading on.

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