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President Biden's Approval Rating Among Democrats Plummets to Record Low, According to Gallup

In an unprecedented turn of events, President Biden's approval rating among Democratic respondents has seen a double-digit decline in the past month, resulting in one of the lowest ratings to date. This revelation comes from a recent Gallup poll, which has sent shockwaves throughout Democratic ranks and fueled speculation about the future of Biden's presidency.

This significant drop in approval ratings is attributed to a combination of factors. As major pieces of President Joe Biden's agenda remain stalled in Congress and the coronavirus pandemic enters its third year, dissatisfaction seems to be growing among Democrats. Despite these lower approval ratings, Democrats are still expected to support Biden in 2024 if he is the Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden's approval rating on the economy has also stagnated, despite his administration's efforts to highlight the positive impacts of his policies. This comes amid higher interest rates, rising gas prices, and renewed economic stress for Americans.

The President is facing broad negative job ratings overall, widespread concerns about his age, and decreased popularity. The latest Ipsos poll reveals that Biden's actions continue to divide opinion among Americans.

This news comes at a critical time for the Biden administration, as it attempts to navigate a tumultuous political landscape and grapple with ongoing crises. It remains to be seen how these developments will shape the remainder of Biden's term and the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

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