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Rapper Sings About Aborting Babies While Twerking In Front Of Planned Parenthood

Just when you thought you've seen it all in hip hop, an artist comes out with a disgusting song promoting abortions with lyrics "I got murder on my mind," speaking about ridding herself of a baby.

"I'm BDF, Baby Daddy Free"
"I missed the plan B"
"I got murder on my mind"

The rapper in mention is none other than Tnfw Nique with the song BDF (Baby Daddy Free). The music video has many pro-choice and pro-life people alike horrified about what they've just watched.

In the music video, rapper Tnfw Nique stands in front of a Planned Parenthood with another woman twerking on top of the car, as she smiles and raps about aborting a baby.

If you can stomach the video

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