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Ray Lewis III, Son of NFL Legend Ray Lewis, Passes Away at Age 28

The football world is mourning the loss of Ray Lewis III, the son of legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis III tragically passed away at the age of 28, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered both on and off the field. As the devastating news spread, tributes poured in from family, friends, and fans, highlighting the impact he had on those around him.

The news of Ray Lewis III's passing was first shared by his younger brother, Rahsaan Lewis, through an emotional Instagram post. Expressing disbelief, Rahsaan wrote, "Really can't believe I'm even typing this but RIP big brother. A true angel. I pray you're at peace now because I know how much you were really hurting. I love you, I love you, I love you." The heartfelt tribute painted a picture of a close bond between the two brothers, emphasizing the immense pain felt by Rahsaan and the entire Lewis family.

Ray Lewis III followed in his father's footsteps, displaying remarkable talent on the football field. He began his career as a running back at Lake Mary Prep in Florida, where he showcased his skills, rushing for an impressive 5,283 yards and scoring 53 touchdowns in just three seasons. These outstanding performances caught the attention of college recruiters, leading him to join the University of Miami Hurricanes.

During his time at Miami, Lewis III started his college career as a member of the practice squad in 2013. Seeking new opportunities, he later transferred to Coastal Carolina University and eventually found a home at Virginia Union University. Playing as a cornerback for Virginia Union, Ray Lewis III made a lasting impact on his team and the university community. The associate head coach, Diego Ryland, praised him as a "great young man and a better teammate," reaffirming the positive influence Ray had on those around him.

While Ray Lewis III's football journey showcased his immense talent, it was not without its challenges. In 2016, he faced a setback when he was dismissed from the Coastal Carolina team and indicted by a South Carolina grand jury on a charge of third-degree criminal sexual assault. However, after a thorough investigation, these charges were dropped by law enforcement. Ray Lewis III persevered through adversity, ultimately finishing his college career with the Virginia Union Panthers in 2017.

Following his college years, Ray Lewis III continued his football journey by signing with the Wyoming Mustangs, a professional indoor football team, in 2021. His passion for the sport remained unwavering, and he continued to pursue his dreams both on and off the field.

Beyond football, Ray Lewis III had diverse interests and talents. He aspired to be a rapper and shared his musical endeavors on his social media accounts. Through his singles and music videos, he showcased his creativity and artistic expression, gaining recognition from fans and followers. Ray Lewis III's contributions extended beyond the football field, demonstrating his multifaceted nature and his commitment to pursuing his passions.

The loss of Ray Lewis III has deeply impacted the sports community, particularly those who knew him personally and witnessed his journey firsthand. Mark James, his former coach at Virginia Union, expressed his grief, saying, "Young man, it was a pleasure to bring you to Virginia Union. Ray Ray, may God bless your family. Great young man." These sentiments reflect the profound impact Ray had on his teammates, coaches, and the Virginia Union University community.

Ray Lewis III leaves behind a loving family, including his father Ray Lewis, his mother, and his five siblings. The outpouring of love and support from his siblings, such as Diaymon Lewis and Rashaan Lewis, further emphasizes the bond they shared and the deep loss they are experiencing.

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