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Rege-Jean Page Named Most Handsome Man in the World According to Science

Actor Regé-Jean Page, best known for his role as Simon Basset in Netflix's hit show Bridgerton, has been named the most handsome man in the world according to scientific research.

The research was conducted by a cosmetic surgeon who used the 'Golden Ratio' equation devised in Ancient Greece (and Chris Hemsworth's face) to determine that Regé-Jean Page is indeed the most attractive man on Earth. The 'Golden Ratio' equation looks at facial symmetry and proportions to measure beauty.

The results of this study have caused quite a stir, with people from all around the world taking to social media to express their admiration for Regé-Jean Page and his good looks. Fans have also been quick to point out that this isn't the first time he has been praised for his appearance; he was recently voted one of GQ Magazine's "Men of the Year" and won People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" award last year.

Regé-Jean Page himself seems humbled by all of this attention, saying: "It's an honor just to be nominated amongst all these other handsome, talented men." He also added that he hopes this recognition will help bring more visibility and representation for people of color in Hollywood.

In second place, Chris Hemsworth with 93.56 percent and actor Michael B. Jordan finished in third place with a 93.46 score.

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