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Rep. Nancy Mace Details Adverse Reactions During House Oversight Committee With Twitter

At a House Oversight Committee hearing on February 8th, 2023, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) revealed her own personal experience with the COVID-19 vaccine. During the hearing, Mace grilled Twitter employees on their decision to censor medical information shared by doctors from Stanford and Harvard.

Mace began her questioning of Twitter's former legal head Vijaya Gadde by asking what qualifications she had to make decisions about censoring medical information. Gadde was unable to answer this question and instead tried to deflect it onto other members of the committee.

Mace then went on to discuss her own experience with the COVID-19 vaccine, revealing that she had suffered adverse reactions after receiving it. She explained that she had experienced extreme fatigue, body aches and headaches for days following her vaccination.

Mace also discussed how Twitter had censored doctors from Stanford and Harvard who were sharing truthful information about COVID-19 on the platform. She called out Gadde for allowing this censorship to take place, saying that it was "un-American" and "not in line with our values".

Mace concluded her statement by stressing the importance of free speech and open dialogue when it comes to discussing health topics such as COVID-19. She argued that censoring medical information could lead to people making uninformed decisions about their health care, which could have serious consequences for public safety.

The House Oversight Committee hearing highlighted the need for more transparency when it comes to social media platforms' decisions regarding censorship of medical information. Rep. Nancy Mace's testimony serves as an important reminder of why we must protect free speech online in order to ensure that people are able to make informed decisions about their health care without fear of censorship or retribution from social media companies.

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