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Report: Gay Couple Has Been Charged With Molesting And Pimping Out Adopted Sons To Pedophile Ring

A shocking new report has revealed that a gay couple from Georgia have been charged with molesting their two adopted sons and using them to record child porn, as well as pimping them out to a pedophile ring.

Zachary and William Zulock were arrested on July 27 in Oxford, Georgia, after police raided their home and found video evidence of the abuse.

The couple had adopted the boys in 2018 and had allegedly been subjecting them to sexual abuse since then. According to reports, they had also pimped out their sons to other local men who were part of a pedophile ring. The Zulocks are accused of not only molesting their sons but also recording it on video and distributing it online.

The case is particularly disturbing given that this isn't the first time Zachary Zulock has been accused of such heinous crimes. Seven years ago he was charged with another child sex crime but was never convicted due to lack of evidence. This time around however, police have found enough evidence to charge him with rape and molestation of his adopted sons.

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