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Report: Joe Biden will reportedly end Covid-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11th

The Biden administration announced on Monday that the COVID-19 public health emergency, which has been in place since January 2020, will be terminated on May 11.

President Joe Biden informed Congress of his decision to end both the national and public health emergencies for addressing COVID-19 on May 11. The White House said in a statement that this decision is part of their plan to move away from emergency measures and focus more on long-term strategies for containing the virus.

The national emergency and public health emergency declarations were put in place by then-President Donald Trump in 2020. Since then, President Biden has taken steps to expand access to testing and vaccines while also increasing funding for state and local governments struggling with the economic impact of the pandemic.

The termination of these emergency declarations is expected to have a significant impact on how states respond to future outbreaks of infectious diseases. It will also allow states more flexibility when it comes to allocating resources for vaccine distribution and other public health initiatives.

This news comes as a relief for many Americans who have been living under strict restrictions due to the pandemic over the past year. With this announcement, President Biden is signaling that he believes we are turning a corner in our fight against COVID-19 and that we can begin looking towards a brighter future with fewer restrictions and more freedom.

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