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Russia Arrests Eight People In Connection With Crimea Bridge Blast

On Wednesday, the domestic intelligence service of Russia issued the arrest of eight individuals in conjunction with last weekend's bombing of a bridge that connects Russia to occupied Crimea. According to the agency, the F.S.B., five are Russian nationals, and the others are Ukrainian and Armenian citizens.

President Vladimir V. Putin has blamed Ukraine for the recent blast, calling it a "terrorist attack." In response, he's arranged targeted missile strikes against Ukraine throughout this week, ending in the deaths of more than 20 people.

The F.S.B., Russia's main security agency, stated that the bomb contained 22 tons of explosives which were shipped out of Odesa, a port in southern Ukraine, last August. The journey ended in southern Russia where the explosives were placed onto a truck and transported onto the bridge before being detonated, as per their retelling of events.

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