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Russia Targets LGBTQ 'Movement' with Ban for 'Extremism'

Russia has taken a drastic measure against the LGBTQ community by attempting to ban the 'international LGBT movement' on grounds of 'extremism'. If this action is successful, it could potentially put all LGBTQ activists in Russia at risk of criminal prosecution.

The extremist label, previously used against various rights organizations and opposition groups, opens up their members to criminal prosecution. This proposed ban is seen as the most recent action in a long-standing crackdown against the LGBTQ community in Russia.

The Justice Ministry has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court to outlaw the 'movement', marking one of the most drastic steps taken against the LGBTQ community. The Russian authorities have previously used the extremist label in similar contexts.

LGBTQ activists have warned that this move would effectively place all LGBTQ Russians at risk of criminal prosecution. Russia's tolerance towards the LGBTQ community is already considered low, ranking third from bottom.

As per the various sources, the proposed ban once again highlights Russia's ongoing suppression of the LGBTQ community. The international community is closely monitoring the situation, and several human rights groups have already voiced their concerns over this decision.

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