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Sadiq Khan's Staff Banned From Calling People 'Male and Female'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has issued a new directive to his staff, banning them from referring to people as "male and female". The inclusivity guide was leaked to The Sun, with the gender section of the document telling staffers to simply say 'people' or 'Londoners'.

The move has been met with criticism from some who argue that it is an attempt by the Mayor's office to go "ultra-woke". However, proponents of the policy argue that it is an important step towards creating a more inclusive environment for all Londoners.

The guide also instructs staff not to use terms such as “ladies and gentleman” or “men and women”, instead opting for gender neutral language. It also states that migrants should be referred to as “people with irregular immigration status” rather than “illegal immigrants”.

In addition, the guide encourages staff members to use language which is less medicalised when discussing periods. Instead of using words such as "menstruation" or "period", they are asked to refer to people affected by period poverty as "people affected by period poverty".

The Mayor's office has defended its decision, saying that it is necessary in order for them to create an environment which is inclusive and respectful of everyone in London.

Sadiq Khan's latest move has sparked debate over whether this kind of policy goes too far in its attempts at inclusivity. While some have criticised the Mayor for what they see as an unnecessary restriction on language, others have praised him for taking steps towards creating a more diverse and accepting city.

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