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Sam Smith gets bashed over raunchy music video deemed inappropriate for young viewers

Sam Smith, the English singer and songwriter, recently released a music video that has drawn controversy for its raunchy content. The video features Smith in a variety of provocative poses and outfits, which some have called pornographic.

Smith has been vocal about his support for body positivity and sex-positive messaging, but many viewers have found the video to be too explicit. Some have argued that it is inappropriate for younger viewers or those who do not wish to see such explicit content.

Others have defended Smith’s right to express himself however he chooses. They argue that he should be able to create art without fear of censorship or judgement from those who may not agree with his message. They also point out that Smith has always been open about his sexuality and his support for LGBTQ+ rights, so it is unsurprising that he would create a video with this kind of content.

Many adults and parents are concerned more than ever at the content their kids are watching and this music video by Sam Smith doesn't help.

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