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Shaq Worries Fans after Posting Picture in Hospital Bed

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has sparked concern after posting a photo of himself on Twitter in a hospital bed.

In the caption of the image, which was taken at an undisclosed location, Shaq wrote: “I'll be back better than ever."

The tweet, which did not elaborate any further on the nature of his visit to the hospital, prompted an outpouring of support from his fans and followers.

“Sending you lots of good vibes and positive strength to get through this," one user said. Another wrote: “We love you @SHAQ! You've been a source of strength and comfort during this pandemic and we are sending prayers your way!

Get well soon Big Fella!"

After being inundated with messages, Shaq followed up with another tweet thanking people for their "love and concern." He added: “Nothing but love right back!!! Thank you all!!! #alwaysbelieve.”

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