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Big Win For Trump, 2018 Letter Claims Trump’s Lawyer Never Received Payback for Hush Money

In a bombshell letter written by Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for Donald Trump, he claims that he was not reimbursed by Trump for hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels, a porn star who alleged she had an affair with Trump. The letter, which was sent to Congress in 2018, is seen as a potential "smoking gun" in ongoing investigations into Trump's financial dealings.

Cohen's letter contradicts earlier statements made by Trump and his representatives, who had denied any knowledge of the hush money payments. The payments were made shortly before the 2016 election, and Trump's opponents argue that they constituted illegal campaign contributions.

The letter also raises questions about Cohen's relationship with Trump, and the extent to which Cohen was acting on Trump's behalf. Cohen has since pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including campaign finance violations related to the hush money payments, and is currently serving a prison sentence.

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