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Struggling Golden Globes Failed Again In 2023, Despite Few Bright Spots

The 2023 Golden Globe Awards again was a huge disappointment that failed to capture the attention of many viewers. Despite the best efforts to make it an entertaining and memorable show, it ended up feeling flat and uninspired. Many African-Americans could've predicted the token host pick of a black gay man Jerrod Carmichael, that seems to be a narrative that Hollywood loves to play up.

The Golden Globe Awards have long been the premier event for recognizing excellence in the film and television industry, but in recent years its ratings have been steadily slipping. The show was once one of the most watched television events in history, but it has become increasingly concerned with appearing “woke” as its viewership declines. 

The Golden Globe Awards have made several attempts to adapt to popular culture by introducing more diverse categories and awarding different kinds of films and shows each year. It has also tried to make more socially conscious statements during the ceremony by avoiding certain topics or taking political stands.

However, all these efforts to appear "woke" don’t seem to be translating into viewers wanting to watch. This can likely be attributed to several factors, but chief among them is that audiences are simply bored with award shows who try too hard - what many would consider pandering - when it comes to social justice issues. Additionally, younger generations lack much of an interest in traditional television-watching experiences such as award shows which may be leading them away from the Golden Globe Awards altogether. 

It doesn't help either that Hollywood isn’t producing enough big-budget content for people to get excited about anymore - this coupled with the sharp decrease in viewership numbers leaves little hope for reviving interest in the annual event anytime soon. Unfortunately, it appears that trying too hard at being “woke” might just lead the Golden Globes further into obscurity if no changes are made soon.

If you missed it last night here are some of the wins

Best motion picture – drama went to Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed “The Fabelmans,”

Motion picture – comedy or musical was won by “The Banshees of Inisherin,”

HBO’s “House of the Dragon” was named the best TV show – drama

ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” best TV show – comedy or musical.

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