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Sway Had The Answers


The verdict is out. Sway had the answers. The answer is, build your own. Invest in yourself. Don’t worry about being accepted by the gatekeepers of certain industries.

Kanye West sat down with Sway Calloway on his show on Shade 45 SiriusXM. On Ye’s press run at the time, he spoke on how the fashion industry are reluctant to letting newcomers, especially black creators into their space. West was adamant that to create fashion at the highest level, you must be accepted by the highest level to work with them. Sway responded with “why don’t you empower yourself and don’t need them and do it yourself?” And that’s when Kanye responded with “How Sway? You don’t have the answers Sway.”

Last week on ABC News with Linsey Davis, he admitted that Sway had the answers. This comes on the heel of the Yeezy brand choosing to sever ties with Adidas, and Gap for several reasons including stealing of designs, lack of Yeezy stores, price points, and control. Ye is now deciding to open Yeezy stores where 20 bucks can get you countless shirts, and everything will be made in America. He is deciding to empower himself by investing in himself and his brand without outside fashion houses.

Damon Dash, former Roc-a-fella CEO, is notorious for stating the Boss is the one who puts the money up. Irv Gotti Murder Inc. CEO recently sold his music catalog in exchange to be able to fully fund his movie endeavors. Sway wanted to push our culture to be fully independent. Sharing resources are hard to come by. So instead of asking for resources, we should work to create them. Sway had and still has the answers.

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