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Swimmer Riley Gaines Physically Assaulted By Trans After Speech At San Francisco State

Swimmer Riley Gaines was violently accosted, ambushed, and physically assaulted during a speech on sex discrimination women face in their own single-sex sports. The incident occurred while she was delivering a speech at San Francisco State University about the importance of preserving women's sports.

Gaines was speaking out against the proposed legislation that would allow biological males to compete in women's sports. She argued that this would be unfair to female athletes who have worked hard to excel in their sport. During her speech, she was interrupted by a group of trans activists who began shouting and chanting at her. They then proceeded to physically attack her, leaving her with minor injuries.

The incident has sparked outrage among many people who believe that Gaines should not have been subjected to such violence for simply expressing her opinion. It has also raised questions about the safety of those who speak out against controversial topics on college campuses.

This incident serves as an important reminder that we must continue to fight for our right to free speech, even when it is unpopular or controversial. We must also ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of their beliefs or opinions.

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