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"The Blind Side" Subject Michael Oher Accuses Family of Fabricating Adoption Story

In a shocking revelation, former NFL star and subject of the film "The Blind Side," Michael Oher, has publicly claimed that his adoption by the Tuohy family was a lie. He further alleges that he was excluded from the profits generated by the movie based on his life story.

Oher's supposed adoption out of intense poverty by a wealthy, white family was immortalized in the 2009 movie "The Blind Side". The film narrated Oher's journey from homelessness to becoming an All-American football player, largely attributing his success to the Tuohy family's intervention.

However, Oher has now disputed this narrative, stating that the Tuohys never formally adopted him and manipulated him into a conservatorship. In a petition filed in a Tennessee probate court, Oher accused Sean Tuohy and his family of profiting from the film without sharing any earnings with him.

These allegations have sent shockwaves through both the sports and entertainment worlds, challenging the uplifting narrative portrayed in "The Blind Side". As this story unfolds, it remains to be seen what impact Oher's claims will have on the legacy of the film and the reputation of the Tuohy family.

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