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The Cleanest and Safest Water Brands in the United States

In an era where health is wealth, the quality of the water we consume has never been more critical. With a plethora of water brands available in the market, it can be challenging to identify which ones stand out in terms of safety, cleanliness, and overall quality. This article aims to shed light on some of the cleanest and safest water brands in the United States as of 2023, based on recent data.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water stands out as one of the best overall bottled water brands. Sourced from a natural spring in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, this brand has been delivering pure and fresh water for over 140 years. It's renowned for its crisp taste and rich mineral content, making it a healthy choice for everyday hydration.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Alkaline Water

Hailing from the paradise islands of Hawaii, Waiakea offers uniquely filtered volcanic water. The water travels through porous volcanic rock, enriching it with minerals and electrolytes, giving it a distinct taste, alkalinity, and health benefits. It's recognized as the best-filtered bottled water for its naturally alkaline pH level and high essential mineral content.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji Water is among the most popular bottled water brands globally, known for its soft mouthfeel and unique mineral profile. Sourced from an underground aquifer in the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu, Fiji Water is naturally filtered and purified through volcanic rock, maintaining a pure and smooth taste.

Acqua Panna Spring Water

Acqua Panna Spring Water is a premium water brand sourced from Tuscany, Italy, but it's also widely available in the United States. It's appreciated for its velvety, smooth taste and balanced mineral composition, making it a refreshing option for those looking for high-quality water.


Smartwater is derived from purified municipal water sources and undergoes vapor-distillation, a process that simulates the hydrologic cycle — evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. It's then re-mineralized with electrolytes for taste, providing a clean and crisp finish.

Essentia Ionized Water

Essentia uses a unique three-step process that includes purification, electrolyte enhancement, and ionization to create supercharged ionized alkaline water. It's known for its smooth taste and higher pH, which can help neutralize acid in your body.

In conclusion, while these brands offer high-quality, safe, and clean water, it's always crucial to stay hydrated and make choices that suit your individual health needs and preferences. Always check the label for any additional additives or processes the water has undergone, and remember that the 'safest' and 'cleanest' can be subjective and may depend on individual health needs and preferences.

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