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The Left Hates Giorgia Meloni, Here’s Why


Following her election victory in Italy, Meloni has been public enemy number one not only among leftists in the U.S. but leftists around the world.

The new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, is facing increasing criticism from the left in the United States. Many on the left see her as a dangerous figure and have attacked her policies and views, just for simply saying she supports "God, Fatherland and Family."

Critics and media alike say that Meloni is a far-right extremist who is hostile to immigrants and minorities. Since the election, the left along with the mainstream media has tried to compare her to former President Donald Trump. They also claim that she is opposed to democracy and human rights.

The majority of Italy voted her in, this shows the direction in which the Italian people wanted to take. They wanted to take their country back from what seemed to have been hijacked in the last few years.

This is history in the making for Italy, Meloni is set to become Italy's first female prime minister, something the left is supposed to support, but phrases like " I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am a Christian, and you can't take that away from me," will just make any liberal skin crawl.

Meloni's supporters say that she is a principled leader who is committed to defending the interests of her country. They argue that she has a track record of success in government and that she is well-qualified to lead Italy into the future.

Amid record-high inflation, escalating energy costs, and a weakening economy, Meloni ran on a campaign slogan that read, “Italy and Italians first!”

Meloni put issues impacting Italians as a main concern and fought for lowering taxes, reducing European bureaucracy, stopping illegal immigration, and increasing benefits for families.

The echoed name calling of fascist almost started immediately, In one article, The New York Times referred to Meloni as "fascist" 28 times.

“Meloni is the leader of the hard right Brothers of Italy, a party with roots in the post-war fascist Italian socialist movement," said MSNBC host Joy Reid.

So far, Meloni has been unwilling to respond to her critics in the United States. She has said that she prefers to focus on her work in Italy and that she will not be drawn into partisan arguments.

Even so, Meloni has often denounced fascism and stated so in her campaign video. “The Italian Right has handed fascism over to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the suppression of democracy and the ignominious anti-Jewish laws.”

She has said that she prefers to focus on her work in Italy and that she will not be drawn into partisan arguments.

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