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The Liberal Media is Outraged that people are calling Sam Smith’s Grammy performance “Satanic”

At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Sam Smith and Kim Petras took to the stage to perform their hit single "Unholy." What followed was a performance that left many viewers in shock and disbelief. The duo's satanic-themed performance featured cages, whips, and fire - all of which were meant to evoke images of hell.

The performance was met with criticism from conservative commentators who deemed it "evil" and "satanic." Ted Cruz, a prominent figure in the Republican Party, even went so far as to call the Grammys "evil" after watching Smith and Petras' performance.

In addition to the criticism from conservatives, some viewers found the performance too extreme for a family-friendly event like the Grammys. Madonna, who presented Smith and Petras with their award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, said that artists labeled as “scandalous” or “problematic” are “definitely on to something.”

The mainstream media tried their best to cover for the satanic performance by writing headlines from Vt "People Think Sam Smith Was 'Worshiping The Devil',' or the Vice article 'The Christian Right Is Having A Meltdown Over the Satanic' Grammys.' Instead of tackling the actual performance that is clearly satanic, they rather run with a narrative of it being a "Christian Right," issue or claiming that people are saying Sam was worshipping the devil.

CBS was caught on Twitter responding to Sam Smith's tweet saying "This is going to be SPECIAL" with images of his pre-performance. The major network responded by saying " can say that again. We are ready to worship!"

Here we are again, mainstream media caught red-handed literally, and are running for cover to frame everyone's "satanic" claims as anything but satanic, even when the main culprit has devil horns coming from his hat.

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