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The Witch-Hunt of Former President Donald Trump Continues as He Runs for Office in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has been the subject of numerous investigations and indictments since leaving office in 2021, with many of his supporters claiming that he is the victim of a witch-hunt. In recent weeks, news outlets have reported on a grand jury indictment, a subpoena from a House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot attack, and an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg into Trump's finances.

The latest development came on March 31, 2023 when a grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump for his involvement with porn star Stormy Daniels and business matters. In response to this news, Trump released a lengthy statement calling it "the next step in the greatest political witch hunt in history." This sentiment was echoed by many Republicans who believe that investigations into Trump are politically motivated and unwarranted.

Trump, is currently facing more than 30 criminal charges related to business fraud in a grand jury indictment from Manhattan. In addition to this case, there are four other known government-run investigations into Trump or his business. These include a federal investigation led by a special counsel looking into Trump's efforts to reverse his defeat at the polls in 2020, as well as probes into hush money payments made to an adult film star and potential violations of campaign finance laws. Other investigations include inquiries into possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power during his presidency.

The former President's campaign has also capitalized on these events to rally support for his 2024 presidential bid. His team has referred to the investigations as “witch hunts” and helped them to raise $4 million dollars for their campaign. They have argued that these investigations are attempts by Democrats to undermine the Republican party and prevent Trump from running for office again.

Despite what seem to be claims, according to a recent poll, most Americans believe this latest indictment was politically motivated.

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