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Theater Actress Collapse On Stage After Live Tv Performance (VIDEO)

Seems like everyday we hear about someone dying or collapsing from cardiac arrest, last Thursday on an episode of 'Dia a Dia' (Day to Day) was no different.

Theater actress Mary Perdomo from "El Principito" was on the show with her cast and completed the performance, right after the performance she seemed to be a little dazed and stares off quickly and collapses right away. That's when show hosts Carolina Sota and cast rush over to her aid.

Fortunately, Mary was ok and she took to social media to explain what really happened.

“I’m fine, thank God! It’s nice to know that people care about you… I’ve received more messages than on my birthday, which by the way is tomorrow… [I didn’t have] any convulsion. It was just a fainting, apparently, I hyperventilated and also had not had breakfast, all that influenced. Obviously I am taking all the relevant exams,” Mary explained

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