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Tom Brady, Wife Gisele Both Hire Divorce Lawyers, Report Says


According to multiple reports, NFL star Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen have each hired divorce attorneys.

On Tuesday, Page Six was the first to announce that Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady, both world-famous supermodel and NFL quarterback respectively, had hired divorce attorneys. It was CNN stated that the couple has been living in separate residences for a few weeks now and that they're "exploring their options."

Since 2009, Brady and Bündchen have been married, and they have two children: 9-year-old Benjamin and 12-year-old Vivian. Brady also has a 15-year-old son with his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan.

In August, after reports of his relationship began to surface, Brady missed 11 days of training camp to address personal issues.

Last month, in an interview with Elle, Bündchen expressed her reservations about Brady returning to football.

"Obviously, I have my concerns ― this is a very violent sport and I have my children and I would like him to be more present,” she explained to the magazine. “I have definitely had those conversations with him over and over again. But ultimately, I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them]. He needs to follow his joy, too.”

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