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Tony Dungy’s amazing speech at ‘March For Life’ rally angers the left-wingers

On January 20th, 2023, Tony Dungy made a powerful speech at the March For Life rally in Washington D.C. The former NFL coach and current NBC analyst spoke about the power of prayer and how it can be used to make miracles happen.

Dungy's speech was inspired by the near-death experience of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin earlier this year. After collapsing during a game on January 2nd, Hamlin was rushed to the hospital where he received emergency medical attention. As news spread of his condition, many people offered up prayers for his recovery - and miraculously Hamlin made a full recovery within days.

In his speech at the rally, Dungy spoke about how God answered those prayers and used football to show us the power of prayer. He also discussed how abortion is a tragedy that can be avoided if we rely on faith instead of fear.

Dungy has been vocal about his conservative religious beliefs in the past, but this speech marked an important moment in his career as he used it to advocate for life and faith over fear. His words resonated with many people who attended the rally, including some who had never heard him speak before that day.

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