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‘Trans Lives Matter’ Protesters Storms Oklahoma Capitol

On Monday, February 7th, 2023, a group of transgender rights activists occupied the Oklahoma State Capitol's rotunda in protest of proposed bills that would limit gender-affirming care. The protesters from Oklahomans For Equality and Freedom Oklahoma started their demonstration outside the building before moving indoors.

The bills in question are Senate Bill 129 and House Bill 1570. SB 129 would ban gender-affirming care for Oklahomans under 26, while HB 1570 would block children and some adults from receiving gender-affirming care that includes puberty blockers, hormone treatments, or surgery.

The protesters held signs that read “Trans Lives Matter” and chanted “This is our house!” as they entered the Capitol. While the protest was peaceful, it sparked an online debate about whether or not the demonstration was appropriate.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has yet to comment on the protest or the proposed bills.

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