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Trans Woman Cyclist Austin Killips Wins NC Race by a Grueling 5 Minutes

Austin Killips, a transgender cyclist, has made "history" by winning the Women's Waffle North Carolina race on Saturday. Killips finished five minutes ahead of the runner-up, making him the first trans woman to win the race.

Killips is a member of Nice Bikes and he completed the multi-surface race in eight hours, 28 minutes and seven seconds. He was able to push through despite the grueling effort required for this competition, many attribute this to him being a male, competing against biological women.

The victory has sparked debate over inclusion in women's sports as well as discussions about power and fairness. Some have argued that trans athletes should not be allowed to compete against biological women while others have argued that trans athletes should be included in all sports competitions regardless of gender identity.

This comes at a time where 69% of Americans is in opposition of men competing in women's sports. Science proves that men have an advantage over women when it comes to strength, power and quickness and more.

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