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Trump offers unwavering support to Ye after media backlash “I’ve always gotten along with him”

On Tuesday, Trump defended Kanye West against the backlash he has been facing after making so-called anti-Semitic remarks on his media run.

Former President Trump would not denounce West's comments, instead, he continued with excessive praise, thanking the rapper for his unwavering loyalty and support.

“He was really nice to me. Beyond anybody, he was,” the former president said in a new interview. “He was great to me.”

“He was great, really, to MAGA, to the MAGA movement, which was very impressive,” Trump added in an interview with news host Larry O’Connor. “I’ve always gotten along with him.”

West, now known as Ye, didn't hold back when he slammed Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner for dealing with the Abraham Accord only to make a profit. That didn't seem to make a difference with Trump's praise.

Trump, meanwhile, has been defending himself against accusations of anti-Semitism in recent days.

In a social media post, he accused American Jews of being ungrateful and told them to "get their act together." He said this while describing his continuous support of Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League has criticized West and Trump for sharing bigoted statements about Jewish people that have circulated for hundreds of years.

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