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Trump's Former Attorney Jenna Ellis Takes Plea Deal in Election Case, Republicans See Betrayal

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Jenna Ellis, who once served as a legal advisor to the Trump campaign, has pleaded guilty in the Georgia election interference case. This move has sparked controversy within the Republican party, with some viewing her as a defector.

Ellis, a former Fox News regular, is the second co-defendant with direct links to Trump to accept a plea deal. Her admission of guilt is seen as a significant development in the ongoing investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results in Georgia.

“I failed to do my due diligence,” Ellis said, according to The Wall Street Journal. She added, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-Election challenges.”

This statement has not gone down well with certain factions within the Republican party. Some view Ellis' plea deal and cooperation with authorities as a betrayal of former President Trump.

“Jenna Ellis was a trusted member of the Trump legal team. Her decision to cooperate with investigators paints her as a traitor to those who still believe in Trump's cause,” said a senior Republican official who wished to remain anonymous.

Ellis' plea deal follows a series of similar agreements taken by other members of Trump's legal team. As the fourth co-defendant to plead guilty in the Georgia case, her cooperation could potentially shed more light on the inner workings of the efforts to overturn the election results.

As this story develops, it remains to be seen how Ellis' plea deal will impact the ongoing investigations and how the Republican party will navigate the growing divide within its ranks.

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